Your Friendly Neighborhood Cover Band....

About Us

Giantfoot is your friendly neighborhood cover band, specializing in reimagining modern and classic hits, by putting them through the prism of our unqiue and tasteful, yet groovy, triple-guitar dovetailed sound.

Based out of Waltham, Massachusetts, Giantfoot has been playing all over the New England area. Originally formed as a one show, ad-hoc ensemble of already established Boston musicians, the band realized that their unique and intersecting musicial tastes and styles meshed perfectly together. As such, Giantfoot was formed and the world (okay, maybe at least South Waltham) has  never been the same since. 

Who are these Boston musicians? Glad you asked! Here they are in alphabetical order...


Plays: ​Drums, percussion
Hometown: ​Needham, MA

andrew geano

Plays: ​Rythym guitar, vocals
Hometown: ​Ludlow, MA


jaime pepper

Plays: ​Bass guitar, vocals
Hometown: ​San Francisco, CA

nate staub

Plays: ​Lead guitar, vocals
Hometown: ​Killington, VT